I’m just a chick

Well this is an awkward start. So many decks and no idea how to begin this. The blog is finally up and working and here I am, tired as hell and with an empty mind. Great. This always happens.


But it is the easiest to make a random post and just write. That’s what I wanted after all – to just write about anything and everything that I want. So, on the page “About” I really didn’t want to make it a long post about me, so I will do that here in this post.

              I am just a chick. I work every day from Mondays to Fridays, I get tired, I get cranky, I’m not a superhero so I will not pretend to be one. But I am also a natural born witch, grown into a pagan and of course a card slinger. I love all kinds of different art and I am an artist myself. Been a dancer my whole life, I play musical instruments, sing, paint and I also write here and there sometimes. Mostly poetry. I also love sports and just being active out in nature. My relationship with tarot began 7 years ago when I bought my first deck, randomly in a freaking toy store. Nobody in that store even really knew what it was and I just felt a strong pull to buy it. Before that I had moments of precognition and strong intuitive knowledge of things. You know those things that you know but you don’t actually know them? Yeah, those.

                                         It was the Eclectic tarot from Piatnik and I had no idea how to read with it. It is probably the most difficult starting deck of them all haha. It has pips (no imagery on the minor arcana besides the literal two of cups and so on), it has kabbalistic symbols, geometrical symbology, color symbology, all the cool stuff that I now admire about it. But back then it was just a confusion. Although somehow when I “read” with it, I gave accurate answers. But it was not speaking to me in a real way at that time, so I swapped it. That was probably the first and the last time when I swapped a deck of cards, because one year ago I randomly found the same deck again (after all that time of not seeing it anywhere)  in a small crafty and stationery shop in the middle of nowhere for ridiculously small amount of money and I just got it again. Then I checked online and realized that it was out of print and people are selling used copies of it on ebay for 60$ and more. So…I went back and got all the copies they had, so now I have two completely new, unused decks with booklets, and one opened which I use. Well let’s save the rest for another post – probably a review of the deck.

That was my beginning on the path of tarot and it was exciting, magickal and beautiful, just like it still is and I love it. Now I have a collection of 40+ different tarot and oracle decks and I am not sorry. Some people collect shoes, purses, makeup, stamps, whatever – I collect decks. And I actually use them. Yes, I really do. 🙂

      My sun sign is an aquarius, my moon is in scorpio and my ascendent is in virgo, so this blog might get quirky, dreamy, bitchy and motherly at the same time. It will definitely be as real as it can be and as magickal as I manage to make it. I believe that I will use it for the best purposes since I trust that the Goddess brought me here to do something good with it, might that be to inspire someone, to help someone feel connected, or to just randomly share a rant and bitch about something together.

     Anyway I believe that we are all put on this Earth for a reason and we meet people we meet for a reason, and we feel certain urges for a reason. Our souls pull us strongly towards what our purpose is and our heart is the beacon of light when we are lost in our fears, so we march on into the next day, and the next, knowing that only we set our limits and that every moment can be a new adventure that lies ahead. So thank you for being here and sharing this adventure with me.

❤ ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “I’m just a chick

  1. Loved reading this! Thanks for the Solstice charge! I’ll be back! Happy Litha! 💃🏻
    ( I have Scorpio rising and a Virgo Sun, we match two out of three! -kinda! )

    Liked by 1 person

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