Pathworking Entry – The High Priestess

high-priestess.jpga1394b04b6a4a79ff9b60202655393d7the high priestess

I am sharing my own tarot journal entry of a pathworking exercise done with the third card of the Major arcana – the High Priestess. In this exercise I have not used any particular High priestess card, but I have looked at and journal with many, so I created my own image/visual of it.


“She sits on the throne made of stone. It’s night and around her is a field of young grass. Her throne is positioned on a small hill, around it is all deep oak woods. It is early spring and the night is cold and misty. A cold wind is brushing her hair. it is long, untamed. She is covered in thin silvery veils. Her eyes are peering into the distance; they are deep and dark as night. Her skin is pale and her face carries grace of her natural wisdom as well as traces of lines, telling stories of her past battles. Now she is done fighting. Now she is and she knows. She knows even that which she doesn’t yet know. As the silver light of the moon shines on her face, she lifts her head higher, she listens to the winds telling secrets and she dreams of the worlds truths with her eyes open. She knows I am here and why, yet she does not greet me. She is undisturbed as I sit on the stone next to her throne and wait quietly. No words are spoken, but her immense power is felt in the air like thousands electrical sparks examining my thoughts. There is no words between us and yet she knows my dreams and my fears with no presence of judgement. She knows why I am here. And as the wind swirls in its final dance and my skin shivers, she stands up. She leads me to the well and catches the moonlit water in the silver chalice. She offers it to me as her deep, dark eyes meet mine for the first time and invite me to the journey without a single word. I hold the chalice with both hands as I feel my stomach curl with uncertainty, doubt and fear. But she knows why I am here and I know I must be the one to take this leap of faith if I am to get my answers. For she cannot know them for me, only guide me towards the first step. For my answers are only my own to know. So I close my eyes and lean my lips against the cold silver, and as I take that first sip, the moonlight fills me and I disappear into the night sky as the wind blows me away into sparkling moon dust.”


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