Tarotscopes week 14. – 20. August

Tarotscopes allow you a general insight into your energy of the week ahead.


10 of wands

Aries your week will be all around achieving your creative goals and grabbing as much credit for it as you can as well. Some of your creative processes will be coming to completion but it will also overwhelm you in a sense of heaviness and burden. Be careful not to overdo things and not to push yourself over the limits. You are not a super hero (sadly!) and there is only as much as you can do. Enjoy in the results you already got.




3 of wands

Taurus you have been planing your first steps toward your creative goals for quite some time now and everything was thought through more than once. Whether that is about repainting your kitchen or opening your own business, this is the week to DO IT. Three of wands is about that first step and this week there will be a sign, an opening, an offer for you, letting you know that this is the time for that first step. Enough thinking, time for some action!




7 of cups

Gemini this week is bringing you many tempting options and offerings, but you are to decide upon them with your mind and not your heart. There might be wishful thinking involved, you might want to see something that is not really there. Don’t let your heart screw you over this week, and put your brain in the drivers seat.




8 of wands

Damn Cancer, things are about to get fast! Either you are hyped and waiting for something to happen, or you are about to be! There will be unexpected events happening really quickly for you regarding your creative process either at work or at home. There might be tasks or opportunities that will appear out of nowhere, but be ready! You will need to respond quickly!




Ace of pentacles

New opportunities in the realm of material things for you kitties! Either there will be a new beginning in career, a new plan of exercise and diet for your physical health or you will plain and simple get laid. Meow!!! Either way, some new seeds will be planted for you this week. (pun intended) πŸ˜€




10 of swords

I will be honest, this week is not going to be the easiest for you Virgos, but then again assuming because of this card that your previous ones haven’t been either. There might be turmoil and conflict, either with others or in yourself and this week it will end. Some things that are toxic for you and you have been holding onto too much will be done with. It might bring sadness but it will also bring relief because finally you will relax, admit the harsh truths to yourself and just let go. Take time to love yourself this week. And breathe. ❀




6 of cups

This week will be all about nostalgia for you. There might be a highschool anniversary coming up or even a date of someones death, but this week will be taken over with that. You might be thinking about the times of the past where you were happy and wishing those times back, or even a specific person. It is a possibility for a person from your past to enter your life again this week, but remember the past is the past and the present is the present. The two will never be the same. It is good to cherish nice memories, but it is even more important to live life right now and to make new memories in this present moment.




2 of pentacles

There will be plenty of work for you this week Scorpios. You will be feeling ambitious and capable of doing a lot, which will lead to putting too much on your plate. You might want to do two things at the same time, but in reality both of those things need 100% of your attention, so there is no way to do them both effectively at the same time. Be careful to plan out this week so you don’t feel overwhelmed and balance your work time and projects with your resting time. It will be all about balance this week!




XII – The Hanged man

One of the major arcana cards for you this week Saggs! The hanged man is bringing you to a stop, because a need of perspective is present. If it is possible, take this week off or at least take it easy. Retreat to nature, have a cup of coffee or tea and just relax. Let your thoughts flow and allow yourself to gain new perspective on old issues and questions, and prepare yourself for insights of Odin himself! Even if you refuse to stop or at least slow down, there will be things happening that will make you stop, so don’t bother.




I – The Magician

Another card of the major arcana! The Magician is the card of action and creation, of using what you got and making the best of it! So this week you are empowered even if you do not see it. Absolutely everything you need to succeed you already hold in your hands. Look around you, use what you see and release that powerful force of creation that you hide away in your fingertips! Time for some magic!




Page of wands

Fellow Aquarius we have a fun week ahead of us, full of child like play and experiencing life through playfulness. There might be some news or feedback received about some of our creative projects as well, but all in all, this week will be about letting our inner child out and just rejoice in life. Be careful to keep your adult mind on as well so you don’t get carried away in your carelessness!




Ace of wands

New creative ventures and opportunities ahead fishies!!! This week is bringing you a blast of fresh new energy and is kicking you in the butt! There might be new creative ideas swimming in your head ready to burst or a great opportunity for a new creative project opening up to you this week. Keep your eyes open, it will be hard to miss it! Take that chance and dive in!





The deck used in this weeks tarotscopes is the Hidden Waters tarot. As the Mercury will be in retrograde for the next three weeks please take time to breathe and not let things throw you off track. Hang in there lovelies and have a great week!



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