Tarotscopes allow you a general insight into your energy of the week ahead.

6 of swords

This week you will be moving in a more peaceful directiong, retreating from all the fuss around you. You need some peace and quiet to gather your thoughts, away from conflict. You may even be moving away from certain people in your life, not allowing them to take any space in your life or in your thoughts anymore. There is even a possibility of a vacation, a weekend away or even just an afternoon trip to a nature spot that you love. With that, your rebel deck advice card is also telling you to let it the hell go and do that thing/obligation/task some other time and just relax.


10 of wands

I absolutely love your cards for this week taurus! The tarot card matches the advice card from the rebel deck perfectly! What it’s telling you is basically reap those awesome things that you sow! You worked your ass off and the results are showing big time. You might get totally overwhelmed by it but don’t let yourself lose your ground. Make it rain baby!


5 of pentacles

Seems like this week is going to be a bit tough on you gemini. There might be lack of money and bad health or things just simply not going your way when it comes to material things. Possible accidents so be careful. But this card is also suggesting that you look around and don’t be ashamed to ask for help because it is there. Also your advice card from the rebel deck is telling you to cheer the fuck up and learn how to laugh at your own downfalls. Having a sense of humor will definitely help you through this week.


Queen of wands

This week is going to be all about charisma and energetic leadership for you. You are going to be the planing queen or king, expressing all the creativity and fire that dwells in you. But be careful not to get conceited or in other words vain. Don’t let your ego ruin the vibe and as the advice card says – get your head out of your ass. Pronto.


Knight of wands

This week is full of creative opportunity for you! A lot of learning will be needed to achieve all you wanted. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed or act on impulse even though you have a fiery spirit that got you places. Creativity is rewarded, being unconsiterate and oblivious to everything around you is not. Advice card is suggesting that you have had this feeling in your gut for some time and it is right. Trust the vibes.


VI – The lovers

Well this is interesting as Virgo is the sixth sign in the horoscope, the Lovers card of the major arcana is carrying the number 6 in roman numerals. This must be something significant for you this week. It is about a romantic relationship with another as well as sexual. You might be feeling strong attraction to someone but keep holding yourself back because you are worried what others will say, how this will come out or perhaps that his wife/her husband will find out about it – because the lovers card also indicates an important decision between high or low moral grounds. Find your middle ground and decide as you feel is right, just know that the consequences of that decision are also yours to bear, positive or negative. However, the advice rebel deck card is telling you to not give a single fuck about it.


Queen of pentacles

Libras you need to chill this week. Things might be difficult, but you need to keep yourself grounded – it is the best way for you to handle life right now. Act from a rational point of view, think things through and do not under any circumstance act on an impulse. You might be letting your chores and obligations to bring you down and taking your spark away. Take responsibility for your life and your happiness, don’t mull in your discomfort, make sure that YOU make things the way you want them in your life.


Ace of cups

My sweet mysterious scorpios! There is love and romance offering itself to you this week but you don’t really see it. Either with your current partner or someone new, or simply in a form of a love of a child, there is nurturing and love and healing in your grasp this week, just take it and be grateful!


XI – Justice

Things will be falling into place with Justice this week for you sags! Justice card is about, well justice. It’s about being fair and truthful. So even if there in fact is some court issues for you to be resolved this week, be sure that it will be resolved in fairness! It is also about the law of cause and effect, so the effects or your past deeds will be coming to you this week – I hope you did well! Advice card is telling you to make sure you grasp that project you’ve been procrastinating on and make it work this week!


7 of cups

This week is full of decision making for you Capricorns, or just one major decision, but either way many different options or solutions offered to you, specially in the field of emotions and relationships. Please be careful because not all is as it seems like and not everything you think is good for you actually is. Even though this decision is strongly underlied with emotion and wishful thinking, make sure you back up a bit, think about it and decide with your head, not your heart. You will thank yourself later.


9 of cups

This is a wonderful card for us this week my little water carriers! This week is about enjoying the wonderful things your life is full of! It brings fulfillment of your wishes in every area of your life – love, abundance, health, finances and spirituality! Indulge in your lifes delights – there are many, so be grateful and rejoice! The advice card is suggesting that you share some of that good vibe with people around you as well!


XIII – Death

Don’t freak out fishies! This is not so bad at all, even though it might seem like it is in the first glance. It will not be easy, but it will be powerful for you this week. Huge transformation is set in your path and there is no way to avoid it, neither should you try! This is a wonderful thing for your personal and spiritual growth. Do not hold on to old things that need to leave your life, for there to be space for new and better ones. That might be people, jobs, habits, relationships or your own behavioral and thought patterns. Trust the process and just breathe, this is good for you. As the advice card is saying – you got a good thing going, don’t ruin it by clinging to your comfort zone.




The tarot deck used in this weeks tarotscopes is the Happy tarot. The deck I used for advice cards is the Rebel deck. Have a wonderful week cupcakes! ❀



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