Goodbye facebook

Well the moment has come when I have realized that I basically have no life. What that means for me is I am spending way too much time on social networks, time that is not constructive, randomly scrolling into the abyss of nothingness. Then you look at the clock and realize that you are literally wasting your life away, not even knowing what the hell you were doing on facebook all that time. It’s not like you’ve done something productive. Instead you postponed that crocheting project you meant to do (again), let your dishes pile up and did not do that blog post that you meant to do when your idea was at its peek, just because you got distracted. And then I ask myself “Am I a dog or something to get distracted with a little non relevant thing as a weird gross food that was traditionally eaten in asia five centuries ago??”. I mean, who cares really? I mean I have tons of books to read, I have creative projects to fuel and participate in, I have people to be with! Facebook gives such a false sense of being connected while inΒ  the end of the day you still crave connection with others. Yeah sure it is “easier” for us with anxiety to connect with people through such a medium, but in reality it doesn’t do us any good, it just makes our ability to connect in real life more numb. I want to talk to people while looking them in the eye, I want to hug people and be with them, I want to take walks with them, eat with them without the presence of a god damn phone. Yes we are more and more inclined to feel the need or even duty to reply to all the messages or emails instantly, but is that really living? It can all wait and I plan to use only two hours of my time for checking the emails and other media daily. I feel like that is a good enough goal for a start. One hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. If I have clients for readings that is a different thing of course, but that is productive work, connection on another level. But yes, this evening I am deactivating my facebook profile. I will still be posting here and on my instagram account. I will also keep you guys informed on how this no-facebook journey is going on my blog here. Yes it says “Journey into the tarot and beyond” but you know, this is my blog and I can write about other things too if I wish to, so fuck anyone who tries to be smart about it. I use tarot in my everyday life anyway, so basically tarot is my life, and this blog is about it. Take it or leave it cupcakes. Unapologetic. Now excuse me, while I go back to crocheting and singing along to Michael BublΓ©’s christmas songs. (Yes, yes, I am. I know it’s november. Who cares.)


Much love to you my hobgoblins and munchkins ❀

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