31 days of tarot – days 2 to 8

Okay so I fell a bit behind with this challenge so I am doing days from 2 to  8 all in this blog post!

2. Top 5 tarot decks of 2017

I must admit I really had to think this one through just because I took a little “break” with buying decks in 2017, so I didn’t purchase as many as in 2016. So here is my list for 2017:

– Pagan Otherworlds tarot by UUSI
Probably one of my favorite decks, due to the slavic feel I get from it. Simple and refreshing – I just love it. Don’t even make me talk about the cardstock – premium is all I can say.


– Peintures du monde tarot by Neko Divination
This deck I was actually looking at for quite some time and when I wanted to get it, it was out of print so I was miserable. And then like it was meant to be I stumbled upon a lovely lady in a facebook group where people were trading and buying used decks and I finally got it. I absolutely adore this deck. It is non traditional although it does reflect upon the rider waite symbolism. The art is stunning and it speaks to me like it’s haunted or something. It was spot on for me every single time. It really wakes up my intuition!


– Hidden waters tarot by Ana Cristina Tourian
This one was also out of print when it called to me and then the second edition came out and I got it! It is based on the Rorschach Inkblot tests and delves strongly into the subconscious. It is a new adventure every time with this deck. Every single time I see something new or different in it. I do use it only for my personal readings because it is so flexible in imagery.


– Druidcraft tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and artist Will Worthington
I adore this deck for its strong nature based, pagan imagery. I am a witch and a pagan myself so this deck somehow speaks with comfort to me and it feels very earthy and grounded.

– Happy tarot by Serena Ficca
Well what can I say. I wanted a cartoonish, sugarcoated imagery, so I got it. When I feel like my inner child needs comfort this is the deck I pull out and work with. It does give accurate and serious readings, despite the soft and sweet imagery.



3. Top 5 oracle decks of 2017

I am not sure if I even got 5 oracle decks this year but here we go.

– Rebel deck (tarot) cards
I dared to put this deck into the category of oracle decks because well, let’s be honest – its simply not a tarot deck. It doesn’t have even approximately 78 cards, it doesn’t have any categories  in which the cards would be divided in suits or major/minor arcana. It’s an oracle deck. But IT IS FUCKING AWESOME. The F word is required with this deck. Google it, you’ll get it 😉


– Native spirit oracle
My dearest got me this deck in the beginning of this year and it is stunning – if you like photography based art. The images are amazing and timeless. As deep as the ocean. Just stunning for daily draws and inspiration.

– The universe has your back
This is such a lovely, simple deck that I got just recently and I love it. It is great for daily inspiration draws or for journaling. It accents any tarot draws nicely as well.

I believe that is all I got in 2017 regarding oracle cards and I love it 🙂

4. Top 5 tarot books of 2017

I have to admit I did it again – I bought more books than I could read in 2017 so I may list books that I have not read completely yet, but that’s fine as well. Some books are just made that way.

– Tarot basics (Janet Boyer)

– Tarot court cards revealed (Janet Boyer)

– Tarot in reverse (Janet Boyer)

All of these three I have finished. They are short but in my opinion very easy going, easy to understand tarot books that I would recommend to any beginner or professional reader who wishes to refresh his/her view on tarot.

– Holistic tarot (Benebell Wen)

– Tarot and Shadow work course book (Benebell Wen)

Both of these books are reading “in progress” with me at the moment. Holistic tarot is basically a heavy category book that really doesn’t get read all at once, but it is a brilliant study book. Also it actually is physically heavy so I really don’t feel like taking it to the park for reading because that would mean doing my weight exercises on the go. The Tarot and Shadow work course book is a part of an online course that Benebell Wen does and it is brilliant. This book alone is worth the course money. I am really glad I got it and I would wholeheartedly recommend both of these to any serious tarot student/practitioner/reader.

5. The card that stalked me in 2017

Oh god I don’t know honestly. Swords. Lots of them. 8 of swords, 7 or swords, queen of swords. Hanged man. In general I wouldn’t say there was one card, but mostly the energy of swords, sacrifices and letting the swords show other perspectives as well. Dealing with the cold, harsh, direct, honest energies in others and in myself. Not a very soft year…

6. The deck I finally crossed off my wish list in 2017

That must be the Peintures du monde tarot. And the Mystical cats tarot. Both. Can I have both? 😀

7. Most worked deck in 2017 and why

Definitely the Peintures du monde tarot. It just kept calling to me and it spoke clearly. It literally blew apart my third eye and made so many things clear for me. It was like my soul deck for 2017. Ahhh so much beauty…

8. Top 5 decks on your wish list now

– Game of thrones tarot (I actually already pre ordered that one and it’s due to be here in march…I hope)

– Prisma Visions tarot (Not sure yet…something intriguing about it but not yet sure if I am about to get it or not.)

– Ophidia Rosa tarot (I don’t know it’s just enchanting. I am curious what it would feel like to work with it.)

– Sexy crazy love notes (just looks fun)

– Gwent (Yes I know it’s not a tarot or oracle deck. It’s a playing deck from Witcher 3, but I want it to play with as well as try divination with it.)

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