Imbolc 2016

This is a blog post, transferred from my previous blog site.

So here I am again with a cup of coffee and a lot of stuff on my mind. Weird things happened on this Imbolc and I am still a bit in the dark about what it actually was. As many of you who know me are aware of, that I am very close to the Fae – I can sense them, hear them and see them. And on the 2nd of February there was a lot going on. So much energy in the air it was crazy!

                         I got home from work and both me and my boyfriend got this weird exciting feeling in our guts that something special is in the air. So as many times before we decided to take a flash light and head out to the woods. To be specific – we were going to see a natural water spring which became a small river when there was a lot of rain. It’s a magickal place as it is already. The spring comes out the Earth at this huge stone wall with a little water “window” or a mini cave. It’s like a portal to some other world.


So this wasn’t the first time we were here, and there was always some activity going on here, but this time it was really really intense. We took a cookie for the Fae with us and headed to the spring. It was really dark, no artificial lights and no moonlight to light the way. We were lighting the way with the flash light we had. We came to the bridge which was crossing over the river which came from the spring. We stopped there, turned towards the spring and turned of the light and just listened. The wind was howling and the air was vibrating with electric power. It was like something was calling to us from the spring. There was a lot of water nymphs inviting us towards the water. The river wasn’t flowing because there wasn’t enough water and we could go down to stand under the bridge and get close to the water as the water was so low, there was like a little shore under the bridge.


As we stood under the bridge, we put down the cookie near the water and again we turned of the light. I dedicated the cookie and offered it to the Fae of that land, to accept us on that magickal night as guests and to let them know we were friends and not foes. I called to the spirit of the land to commune with it. The activity was increasing and the air around us was tingling. He noticed that there was something on the other side of the water hiding in the shadows, around the corner (the view of the “thing” watching us was the photo above, as it was looking at us, and we were standing under the bridge). He didn’t tell me, but I was already communicating with it. I told him that She didn’t want us to go further, but she greeted us with kindness. He asked me: “She?”, and I said “Yes, the Lady.” because that was as much as I knew. He only then told me he had seen a cloaked figure on the other side of the water and that it appeared female. That is as far as we took it that night. We retrieved back on the bridge and we both noticed a shadow figure standing next to him on the bridge. It wasn’t scary. It was human size and shape and it was leaned on the fence, looking down to the water, just as we were. We didn’t manage to recognize what or who it was. Then we went home, because the whole thing got a bit “crowded” for me, as I felt like I was on a rock concert. We were amazed by everything that happened to us that night, but also exhausted.

But that wasn’t the end of the experience for that night.

We went to bed and only about 15 – 20 minutes after we fell asleep, my boyfriend was having a lucid dream. He was looking through the eyes of the being that watched us behind the corner. He looked at his hands and they were all bony or appeared like sticks – really skinny, long fingers and coal black, like burnt. One hand was pointed up, and one down, like it would be broken. He was really skinny and bent, like he was really ancient old, but a powerful being. Not evil, but also not light. Something with a little taste of Death almost. He was an old crone-like female figure in a black cloak. He was looking at us standing under the bridge, and observed the whole happening all over again, exactly as it happened – with the accuracy of every single word we spoke that night. He even heard me chanting in my head the words of evocation and dedication which I did for the spirit of the land. I spoke in an intuitive language, and he said my voice was really deep and he didn’t understand what I was saying. That was strange because I didn’t tell him that I did that in my head, before this dream.

He woke up and was so shocked that he drew a picture of this being so he wouldn’t forget it.



He showed me this in the morning and my only conclusion was that this was a really old tree deva or land spirit, but as there was this really dark feel to it, he didn’t agree with me. He said it felt different. And finally we came to a conclusion that the being was  the closest to the slavic pagan goddess Morana – the goddess associated with seasonal rites based on the idea of death and rebirth of nature. She is often described as a demon and is associated with death, winter and nightmares. In Slavic rites the death of Morana towards the end of winter is juxtaposed against the birth of Jarilo – a Slavic god representing the coming of spring. So this couldn’t be more appropriate time, because it was Imbolc – the pagan festival marking the transition from winter to spring. And in the old times the representations of Morana were thrown into rivers or burnt as symbolic of ending the winder and “death”, so the upcoming months were more fertile for the land. Just wow. I have always been close to the the darker goddesses with a death vibe to them, but I would never had thought that I will be almost face to face with one of such ancient energies of this universe as the Death herself. She was scary, wise, great and powerful. Like a harsh mother with the greatest of intentions and the best lessons to teach you. I hope to have another opportunity to greet her with a greater respect. 

I wish you all many blessings and the most delightful start of spring!


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