The castration of witchcraft

This is a blog post, transferred from my previous blog site. Also – it’s a rant.

I must admit I wasn’t expecting that I would be writing about this as many others did. I never really feel compelled to add on to the fire of drama in our so called pagan community. I have never even been a part of a community, not really. But this is something I have been reading and hearing about for so long it’s really eating up my nerves.

                          First of all, I think it is no ones place to say if someone is a real witch or not. It is no ones place to say what someone has to practice to be a witch. It is no ones place to put tags on witchcraft as what it is supposed to be.

My own opinion about what makes a witch is only that the person is a practitioner of witchcraft. As if someone is called an artist – he is an artist because he makes some sort of art. It is not to be judged and classified as what kind of art he must do in order to be an artist. He just is. Just like a witch is a witch when he/she practices witchcraft. These days there is a lot of drama between the “white witches” and the “dark” ones. Each call each other fake, not suited to be a witch, not a “real” witch. For fucks sake, are we back in kindergarden?

                        Get your shit together people. Then today I wake up, make some coffee and first thing I read about is Buckland making statements about witches not being real witches if they hex and curse. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. And I have much respect for mr. Buckland as an author and a Wiccan. But this was just such a blow in a wrong direction it couldn’t be worse. I understand that Wiccans have their “rules” or at least guidelines and that they believe in the threefold law, but not everyone believes or practices that. Besides not all witches are Wiccans. Far, far from that. And even Wicca used to be more raw and active in magick than what it has become of it. More and more people feel compelled to judge, to lead, to teach and most of them are not even in a place to teach themselves. It is completely arrogant to state what kind of practice makes a witch. As it is absurd to say that it is only love and light which makes magick. Is this castration of witchcraft really happening?? I mean, are we actually in a church, disguising it into paganism??

 We are taking the athame and cutting off the balls from our horse, which we took so long to get in the first place. We are stripping it of all potency and power. Everything passionate and full of emotion, we are taking away. To conform to whom?? If there is something that witchcraft is not about it’s conforming to anyone. In its primary state it has never been a group thing.

As Terry Pratchet once so well said:


And this is a statement that so god damn well describes the witches since ever. We might get together to get shit done, we might even be friends. But not in a structured group. There is always drama, conflict, there is always hidden rules by one or two people in the group that have to be followed or else you are not a “real witch”. Many covens will last like this for a long time, but there will always be either a point of breaking the whole coven, or there will be people constantly leaving and coming. Sounds like institutionalized religions to me. In this way I never believed in covens, even though witchcraft flows in my family and practices are handed down from a generation to a generation, we have rarely – extremely rarely! – practiced anything as a group.

But as I said, all that you need to make you a witch is what you practice – witchcraft. You can’t be a carpenter if you don’t sculpt or work with wood, you can’t be a dancer if you don’t dance, you can’t be a witch if you don’t witchcraft. Simple as that. There is no one to define how you have to do it. And mister Buckland really disappointed me in those statements.

I know it was referring to witches who hexed the rapist popular in the media these days. And seriously, you wouldn’t? I know if the victim was anyone from my family, I would hex the life out of this rapist as well. But hey, if you would send blessings, love and light to him, there is no one to stop you. I get it. You do whatever suits you best.

But still when it comes down to it all,

I will always return to the blood, spit and rawness of my own magick.

So you do you, and keep your shit to yourself. It’s nobodies business anyway.


Much love,


3 thoughts on “The castration of witchcraft

  1. A simple concept more people need to practice. I’m a solitary in witchcraft, and in most things, but I catch word of bickering and drama through people I follow. Yep, they wear different cloaks but are just as finger-pointy and dismissive as everyone else.

    I have judgements, but keep them to myself. Witchcraft is for anyone, and comes in so many flavors.

    Love the graphic you added! 🙂


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    • Thank you for taking your time to read my posts and comment 😊 There will always be drama where there is people. We are different and we all have our judgements, its a part of a human experience. We all need to think for ourselves to see what is purposeful to point out in moments of drama though. To be silent many times truly is a virtue and strength 😉 Many blessings to you! 💚


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