Crystal bullshit

Okay so this is the first time I’m actually writing a blog post from my phone and it feels weird and unprofessional but hey I had to try it. The thing is I have found myself posting less and less just because I was so fucking burdened with the aesthetics and everything being just right, even though I came up with so many thoughts and things to write about during the day and never actually wrote about them just because I never seemed to have time or energy to do it when I finally got home to my computer. So this is a new thing I’m doing – blogging as I go through my day because fuck that shit, I don’t got time to waste and I want to get things out when they are still fresh in my head.

So one of those things was working with crystals. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love working with crystals in any way possible. Making crystal grids, using them in magical oils and concoctions, making crystal elixirs or gem essences however you wish to call them, doing crystal massage, chakra work, spell work, and so much more. I have crystals all over my apartment and I love it. I feel like they really work great and they bring really nice energy to my everyday life as well as magical work.

BUT… I do get really annoyed when people want to just do things recklessly without any thought or information on the crystal they are using. For example, last time I went to one of our local crystal shops and they had raw chunks of selenite in a box on the counter and next to it there was a written sign saying “Selenite – great for making elixirs to lose weight!” and that’s all just fine, except the fact that I kept looking for any additional information on how to even make elixirs and properties on selenite. I mean I might know about selenite and how to make elixirs but many people who come into that shop don’t. Nobody tells them that selenite is actually not the greatest to make elixirs with using the direct method – putting the stone directly in water. Selenite is VERY fragile stone, specially in a raw, not tumbled form. It dissolves quickly in water and I’m not sure that people are interested in swallowing chunks of stone in their water.

The next example is when people just think that crystals are all good for you in every possible way and they can’t hurt you. I mean, seriously? People use crystal dildos, vaginal balls aka jade eggs, putting crystals on their skin or elixirs. All of that is great, I do it too, but please people get all the information on the crystal first! NOT ALL CRYSTALS ARE SAFE TO BE IN CONTACT WITH YOUR SKIN OR IN YOUR BODY. I especially get furious when I see people selling jade eggs made of actual jade stone and not actually admitting that jade is not a safe stone for ingesting therefore not suitable to put in your body for longer periods of time or making elixirs with a direct method. People just seem to assume that if a crystal is healing in one way that it can be used in all other ways as well. C’mon people use some of that brain. Some stones like pyrite are even not the best to be handling with bare hands, let alone put in water and drank. One thing that also really put me off is people doing that to their kids or pets. PLEASE inform yourself first. Last time I’ve seen a lady put her beta fish in a (much too small) round fish bowl, absolutely no greenery or anything in that tank, BUT she did put a shit ton of all sorts of crystals in it because she said “it would make her fish feel better”. For fucks sake that’s exactly what’s making your fish not feel good [insert major facepalm here]. And people like that don’t even want to hear anything about it. “They know best for their animal. They speak to them in a vibrational language.” Sure. Amazing. You really need to know that fishes are actually not the easiest pet to have. Different kinds of fishes need different kinds of water temperature and water ph, so you can’t even just smash ton of different fish in one and the same tank. And above that put stones in that water which release dangerous metals and toxins into the water while fishes feel every little change to the water. Come on people, don’t stay blinded by lack of information.

Be smart in your craft witchlings. Be smart.

4 thoughts on “Crystal bullshit

  1. “So this is a new thing I’m doing – blogging as I go through my day because fuck that shit” – hell yes, girl! Also, can’t believe you’ve had encounters with such dumb people. I don’t give a fuck if they poison themselves but poisoning their pets and children simply because they’re too lazy to read up on shit makes me furious.


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