Starter witch kit nonsense

Ok honestly, I’m writing this before even giving it a title, because I’m just so blown away by the bullshit people are selling and buying these days. If you’re part of the community you must have heard about Pinrose ย making a “Starter Witch Kit” that was supposed to be sold in Sephora. It is a kit which includes a tarot deck (which I was kind of curious to see to be honest), nine perfumes which you were supposed to anoint yourself with in ritual or whatever, a rose quartz crystal and a white sage bundle.ย 

My first reaction was laughing my ass off and saying “What the fuck is this?” And then I was kind of angry, and then amused, and then irritated. I’ve seen a LOT of people on the internet get offended because of it, rant about it, others say it’s a good thing because it makes broader society more informed about the goddess religions or whatever. And honestly I was irritated by those reactions as well. Why? Well because first of all…since when is being a witch a religion or having anything at all to do with the goddess? Many people are pagans and witches, but many more follow other spiritual practices and religions or none at all and are also witches. So there you are making us all pagans and therefore misinforming people about what a witch is in the first place.


Issues I have seen with the mentioned “witch kit” is that it is not a hobby to have a starter kit. It is not a temporary trend that you just happen to like and brag on about it. It is not about dressing all black, reading tarot and being all edgy and badass because of it. Witchcraft in its core is messy, it is looking your shadow in the eye so you can truly rise above that and claim your personal power and no amount of tarot readings, crystals and sage can make it happen for you. It is not about the things, it is about YOU. You are the tool, you are the catalyst. So to have a starter kit sold for something like that is insulting to the witches who have worked hard for their own craft and who paved their way to personal strength with sweat, blood and tears. AND THAT GOES FOR A “STARTER WITCH KIT” SOLD BY ANYONE. To me it doesn’t make it better if a witch is selling it. It’s just fucking ridiculous. I love crystals, tarot cards and incense, but to sell those things as a “witch starter kit” makes you just look ridiculous in my eyes and many others as well. I won’t go into the fact that some people (supposedly witches) were more concerned about people buying this and summoning a fucking demon than they were actually asking themselves what kind of a meaning does this give to what it is to be a witch in the first place. People will not summon a fucking demon by putting on perfume with an intention. Oh and by the way if you think they will, how does that excuse “witchy” people from selling the same shit to others? I don’t care if Pinrose sells this kit or not, because that is not what bothers me most. What bothers me most is the lack of awareness of our own who cannot approach this situation with some brain matter. Please, please think about what you say and put out into the world. As a Witch you bare great responsibility for that.

I will not go into how is it very much wrong to promote buying white sage while knowing that it is fucking ravaged wherever it grows by new age shops who happily sell it in their shops IN HUGE QUANTITIES. Why are we not addressing those shops as well then? How can the ignorance be this immense among us? Your deeds and words are what make changes in the world. You should know that, Witch.

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