At the altar

Mmmm it is so good to sit at my altar at last. It’s been a long time since I have worked at a permanent altar that has actually been a working altar – it had space for more than just devotional stuff, for the actual work!

I have been through a lot of changes in the last 4-5 years. Bad relationships, good relationships. Difficult times and beautiful ones. It’s been a lot of ups and downs, all in all it’s life 😊

I moved around a lot in a sense of not spending much time at my parents house, slept over at my boyfriends place/s, argued a lot, and never really felt at home anywhere else but at my parents house at that time to be honest. So that meant no real options for a permanent working altar since I didn’t have a permanent/same place where I slept each night.

Then when I was single again I had a small working altar back on track again but not in the way I would really want it. It wasn’t the same, I wasn’t the same. In me was a lot of fear and turmoil and rage. That was no state of being suitable for working any major magic that would actually benefit me at that time.

Then I finally met my partner who is the person for me. He is my person. The one who falls most naturally into my company and I in his. No friction, no mountains to climb, it’s just like breathing – life assuring and effortless. But still when it comes to the permanent working altar it was not really possible because we weren’t actually officially living together in our own apartment yet. So I had a small altar at my parents house and one at his, because I spent a couple of nights per week at his place and the rest at my home. And then finally in April this year WE MOVED IN TOGETHER! And that meant finally being able to set up a permanent working altar that would actually be used as intended.

Don’t get me wrong. Is a permanent working altar a must have for me to do my craft? No. Does it mean I have to be in a calm state of mind to do magic? No. Emotions are the main fuel for any kind of workings, BUT my goal does not always align with what my ego self is feeling at that moment. Do I have an issue with hexing and cursing for that matter? No. But it is not a thing to be done on an impulse, not just like that. And of course there needs to be a worthy cause for me to put that much energy into fucking someone up. Not everything and everyone crossing me is worth it in the end of the day πŸ˜„

So, now that we got that out of the way. All I am trying to say is those are not the deeming factors for me to do my craft. More often than not, I do my enchantment when I’m out in the woods walking and communing with spirits, or when I’m on the bus driving home from work with a good song in my earphones, or when I’m twirling on the dance floor, or cooking my stew.

But the working altar for me always meant a place called home. It’s my go to place to get myself together in the end of the day, to journal, to mix my incenses, anoint my candles, have a cup of tea, and gather my thoughts. It’s also a place that is more often than not messy, wax is everywhere, herbs are scattered, there is absolutely nothing minimalistic about it. Different candles, jars, flowers, crystals, animal parts, imagery, incense, and not just that. I also keep my pens on that altar because it’s basically my working desk as well. Why? Because that is what it is. It’s a working altar. It’s where I actually DO THINGS, not just make it pretty and look at it. I don’t have space to waste for something that is actually not functional. It’s a place for me to do EVERYTHING. All the creative work, ranting, coffee and tea drinking, chatting, writing, because ALL the work I do is infused with my magick. ALL that I do is driven with intention and will power.

So what I am trying to say is that this is not a thing that is a predisposition to me doing magick and making stuff happen for me. But it is oh so nice to finally come home ❀️

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