December Reflections – 4 to 7

I am following up Susannah Conway’s prompts for December Reflections and I am starting late, but still. I am eagerly awaiting her 2019 workbook and so I decided to just share a word on two with her December prompts for each day and remind you guys to go check her out because she is amazing and besides that – the workbook is free! 😱

So prompts for days 4-7 are as follows:

4. Best decision in 2018

That is definitely to enforce my personal boundaries and to choose what is best for me. Especially regarding relationships. I do not waste my time or energy on relationships that are a struggle and making others like me. I am loving myself. I am working on improving myself in being a better version of myself every day and if I am simply not what somebody’s taste prefers, that’s okay. There is 7 billion people out there. We can’t all like each other. So friendships, familial relationships, coworkers, any relationships in any kind of environments – if it requires me to pretend or put all my effort into impressing someone or trying to fit it, it’s not for me. If someone is not treating me the way I wish to be treated I do not stick around, simple as that. But best decision EVER.

5. Five things about me

    – I am a pagan, a nature lover by heart since birth.
    – I am extremely sensitive to sound, so loud crowds, loud noises make me feel really anxious and sometimes even nauseous. With that, pleasant music and nature sounds are very therapeutic to me.
    – I’m an INFP (introvert, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) by the humanmetrics Jung typology test.
    – I am a dancer.

    – I am a good cook (or at least that’s what my man says πŸ˜„)

6. Best book of 2018

Fuck. I honestly don’t know, I read a lot this year. I will have to go with Womb Awakening by Azra Bertrand.

7. Home

This year I moved out of my childhood home and it was a very new thing for me, but for the first time in my life I actually felt ready and it came naturally. For the first time in my life I was moving in with a person that fits so well into my life and I in his, so it’s been amazing and effortless so far 😊❀️ Besides they say home is where the heart is, so I only see this as expanding my home rather than changing it.


Below I am sharing the prompts for December Reflections from Susannah Conway, so feel welcome to participate 😊 And go check out her page!

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