I am a simple young woman, living a normal life, writing about something I love. Well except that I am far from simple and probably far from normal as well. I do write about something I love, or some things I live. First I am a Witch and then I am a lover, a partner, a pagan,a teacher, a student, a dancer, an artist, a musician, an adventurer and so many other things. But this blog is mostly about tarot and other types of divination systems. I share my perspective on different decks in honest deck reviews, I write creative tarot stories, I do readings (of course!), weekly tarotscopes, I talk about different tarot journaling prompts, shadow and inner child work with tarot, I do fun tarot tags/challenges, as well as sometimes writing about just random day to day things I feel like including. The list is endless because I do add things as I go. I am not introducing things you have not heard of before, but I am introducing my own point of view on it. And I am a bitch slap kind of honest. And I do dare to say that I am sometimes even funny. So if you feel like that is your kind of vibe, well vibe along!