Tarot Journaling Prompts

Almost everyone in the tarot world uses tarot journaling prompts for different exercises to enhance their intuition, help with creative blocks, open up to spiritual experience and getting to know your cards better. Tarot is such an amazing tool it can be used for many things besides divination, and I know that this blog post is maybe not bringing you any new or ย mind blowing information but I will share some prompts that I gathered from different sources or come up with on my own and I actually use.


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Litha – midsummer 2017

It is here! Another pagan celebration, another sabat, another faery festival! ๐Ÿ™‚ The time of summer heat, beautiful flowers, enchanting fragrances of mother nature blooming and times of powerful summer storms. What can I say, it’s a good time. That feeling of anticipation of summer vacation is in my guts and a list of things I need to pack is already building up in my mind.

“Get a new swimsuit, get the traveling insurance taken care of, pay the phone bill before you leave so you don’t die alone somewhere in the open sea in case your phone gets cut off, water the plants, make sure that grandma remembers to feed the cat, make a list of decks I’m taking with me, seriously consider living with just two sets of shorts and a tank top (maybe I could also do without underwear?) so I can pack more decks and books for those two weeks…what to do, what to do? Should I just go naked? Maybe just take a swimsuit and flip flops? What if I feel like working with that exact deck that I’m leaving behind? Hmmm….maybe I should do a spread for that…you know…clarify things…” My mind is basically overheating right now, from the heat and the thinking. But hey, all that is part of the excitement.


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