31 days of tarot – days 2 to 8

Okay so I fell a bit behind with this challenge so I am doing days from 2 to  8 all in this blog post!

2. Top 5 tarot decks of 2017

I must admit I really had to think this one through just because I took a little “break” with buying decks in 2017, so I didn’t purchase as many as in 2016. So here is my list for 2017:

– Pagan Otherworlds tarot by UUSI
Probably one of my favorite decks, due to the slavic feel I get from it. Simple and refreshing – I just love it. Don’t even make me talk about the cardstock – premium is all I can say.


– Peintures du monde tarot by Neko Divination
This deck I was actually looking at for quite some time and when I wanted to get it, it was out of print so I was miserable. And then like it was meant to be I stumbled upon a lovely lady in a facebook group where people were trading and buying used decks and I finally got it. I absolutely adore this deck. It is non traditional although it does reflect upon the rider waite symbolism. The art is stunning and it speaks to me like it’s haunted or something. It was spot on for me every single time. It really wakes up my intuition!


– Hidden waters tarot by Ana Cristina Tourian
This one was also out of print when it called to me and then the second edition came out and I got it! It is based on the Rorschach Inkblot tests and delves strongly into the Continue reading

31 days of tarot challenge – day one

I am happy to participate in the 31 of tarot challenge, hosted by Ethony of the Tarot Readers Academy. In the previous years I have only watched the videos and posts others made on this challenge, but this year I am excited to participate in it for the first time myself as well. I do not have a youtube channel (I might some day), so I will participate in a more verbal way, through my blog. If any of you are interested in participating in this challenge, everything about it is on this page 31 days of tarot. I love how things like this bring the tarot community together and helps us share different perspectives and ways we view the cards and their  meanings and using different decks, allowing us to explore works of different artists as well. So let’s get to it! (I’m a day late anyway!)


Day one is tarot reading on the energy or major lesson of the year 2018. For this I used the Morgan Greer tarot, just because I felt like it matched my energy best at this time. As I said in the previous post – I did not want to do heavy spreads using a lot of cards for this yearly reading, so I went with a simple three card reading to just give me a general feel of 2018 energy and vibe. I drew a card for body, mind and spirit.


So I got 9 of cups for the body, the Hermit for the mind and the Page of cups for the spirit. It seems to me that overall this brings the energy of rediscovering myself, through my thoughts and my emotions. There will be a lot of work and goals achieved regarding the body but I feel mainly through accepting myself and letting go of judgement. Letting myself be as I am and loving myself with all my health issues and “non ideal” body features. All in all – I will love my but and be proud to show it off, no matter the size of the jeans I’m wearing. The mind is the Hermit, but my mind is the hermit most of the time anyway so this will not be very new, but perhaps deeper. I will go through old thought patterns, learning about my mind, about some behavioral issues that can be rewired and done better. A LOT will be going on internally, in my mind, thinking through things that don’t serve me anymore and letting them go. Parenting my mind and my ego, so I can let my inner spirit child evolve and show up more. With the Page of cups for spirit this makes perfect sense. The spirit will come into my life this year in a form of childlike innocent energy, allowing space for learning new things and healing. I love it 🙂