Customer Reviews

I am so glad I came across Tamara, she replies quickly and gets straight to the point. She also was very understanding and extremely accurate when it came to my situation and gave me the answers that I needed in order to learn and grow. I can’t wait to apply her genuine advice to my daily life!! She’s the best!


Thank you so much! It was just what I needed. You have given me something I needed to hear, to stay calm about what is going on around me, my work situation and with my love. I am a thinker, and tend to go around thinking and thinking and giving myself the nervous stomach – if you know what I mean? I do give a lot to the people nearest me. And I can worry myself so much, if I am a good girlfriend, and if he sees the same future, or if I am a good friend, or am I doing good at my job. So this really gives me some answers! Thank you so much! 🙂

– A.N.

One of the rare real seers with integrity and genuine gift. I have done readings with Tamara on several occasions and I am grateful to her for her guidance, common sense and wisdom. She had deep insights and even at the darkest hour helps you understand not only how to get out of the problem, but why is something happening. She is honest, ethical and kind enough to call you on your own bullshit before you dig yourself head over heels. I am grateful for the written readings as it gave me a chance to come back to it later on, and some things did make much more sense with time. In times of urgency she was always there, ready to help and turn on the light. Can highly recommend.



I had been drawn to Tamara and immediately felt like I could somehow trust her. I have never gotten a tarot reading online before so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. There had been something in my personal life that had suddenly come up out of seemingly nowhere and I had been mulling over it for weeks. I emailed Tamara and we discussed it a bit. Surprisingly her intuition on my situation was pretty spot on even when I had only given her a short explanation.

The reading she did for me was sent back to me quickly and she included a picture of the spread. I like the fact that I could read it when I was ready to hear the truth. She described the person I had asked about spot on. I have a better understanding of what he is going through and I also got clarification on my true feelings for him. She also gave me advice on what I should do about my feelings so that I can understand it and move on from this. If you are doubting yourself or confused about a situation I believe she can give you clarity. She has a beautiful way with words as well. =)

– C.P.

Trust me when it comes to this, because i’m probably the biggest sceptic there is,..or should i say was. About two years ago i first met Tamara, casually on the internet as in most occasions nowadays, we had a little chit chat nothing special until she started telling me about this passion of hers, being the tarot cards and reading from them. Well as any other sceptic i was happy for her but hey, i don’t believe in such stuff right. Right? Well, i used not to. When you listen to her talk about these cards she talks with such feeling, such power and connection with them as if they had a soul of their own. So i listened and listened and got more more intrigued by her lifelike descriptions of her decks to the point i simply wanted to know each and every deck she owns. So she kindly oblidged and the most insane but amazing converstation started. As soon as she started talking, all of her passion and knowledge overflowed my rationality to the very edge of my beliefs, and i knew straight away that i’m talking to a person with utmost respect and expertise of the art of the Tarot. You can only have that kind of a conversation about a certain thing with someone who is truly in love with it with all of heart. At moments i swear i listened to her talk with my mouth gazing open as with the ever intensifying story changed the vibe in the room around me aswell. Soon came the moment when i was overwhelmed with all of the informations and wanted to try it out. As kind as she is she didn’t have any problems with it and so we began. First she asked me a couple of informations about myself so that she could get a sense of who i am and what surrounds me in my mind. Then we came to my question. It was about a college exam i was really worried about because i failed before and was afraid of the fast aproaching exam date. So i asked away and hold my beath for a moment or two imagining my ceiling will collapse or something, you know, like in the movies. But no. To my surprise she said »Ok. I have all the informations, now i need a little time to look into it. And i’ll send you the answers in an email containing the picture of the cards she would get in that very reading.« My ceiling remained where it was and the only thing sparkling was my excitement as i didn’t know what to expect, plus i have to admit that as thus i was a hardened veteran sceptic i was a bit afraid of the answers i could get. After a short while the email came. I took a deep breath, stretched a bit and sat down. I could feel my palms get all sweaty as i was just about to open the email. And to my surprise, the email was nothing like i imagined, all the demons and stuff they teach us about in schools about witches, no. The email was utmost kind and contained a relaxing and beautiful forespeech, aswell as which cards she felt were the most suitable fort the matter in question. Then came the big moment. She absolutely pinpointed all of my concerns and worries although i haven’t even told her about the background of the whole deal. She attached the pictures of the deck chosen which was the exact one i had in mind i wanted to have the reading done in the first place but didn’t want to mention because i kind of trusted her judgement and proffessionalism. So she told me i’ll pass and even stated the grade i’ll get when i get the paper back. The email ended with a funny but cute farewell. I sat there with mixed feelings as i was still a veteran sceptic but said to my self that i’ll give it a chance and see for myself. The date of my exam came in a blink of an eye and it was nothing special, just your regular exam, where you sit down all sweaty, rehearsing everything you’ve just read from the study books and writing down everything in the fastest pace possible without breaking your fingers. I was done. Went home and started to think about the reading. After a week i got the exam results and looked at them keeping Tamaras grade in mind. And all of my former beliefs were destroyed as the grade on the test was the exact one she told me i’d get. I couldn’t believe my eyes as at that very moment as my whole body got overflooded with goosebumps. That was the first time in my life i sensed just how foolish and blinded i was to believe everything this rigid system in which we live in tells us all of our lives. The magic of life, and all of my dreams were suddenly plausible and a whole new realm opened around me filling my mind with childish curiosity. Now everiday i wake up i’m excited about all of the hidden things i could never believe in if it wasnt for Tamara’s kindness and expertise. I’m a sceptic no more. And thank you for that from heart.