Tarot Readings

 Many people ask me if I believe in destiny being set in stone, since I read tarot cards, and the answer is yes and no.
I believe that our lives are in our own hands, but I also believe that there are certain lessons we cannot surpass, because they are chosen for us, by our soul before we come into this life. These lessons come to us in shape of different events in our life and the cards can predict most of them, so we can be ready to face them with a different perspective or reaction.
I don’t see destiny as just one possible road to take, I see it with many different possible turns and routes, but we do come to same bigger “stops” on our way which are the lessons which I spoke about earlier. In a reading I predict outcomes or events in your future based on the road you are on right now, but you can always choose how to handle it, work with it and in the end maybe even change the outcome.
More than predicting the future I like to use the cards for uncovering and delving into different layers of your subconscious, to help improve the quality of your life. Many times my clients like to work on their past. Some have gone through traumatic events they wish to work through, some want to dive into shadow work and need help with revealing their own darkness and with that I mean the flaws that need to be brought to light, accepted and worked on. Simply said, the cards are a powerful tool that can be used for much more than only predicting the future.
Readings that I do vary in extent and price, depending a lot on what you wish to know, if you want a specific question answered or a broader theme covered like love life, health, career and things of such nature.
Prices for readings start at around 30$ per piece, but at the moment I am doing readings in exchange for donations through paypal, so I do let you decide upon a specific price, because it is about energy exchange. The value you put on the reading determines how much we will get through the cards for you. It is a spiritual experience for both the client and the reader, and I channel through what your guides communicate as important information for you at this time in your life. I am always happy to pull an extra card to clarify things for you if the need occurs. My priority is giving you the best possible service you can get from me and answering your questions.
After we discuss the theme of the reading you wish to have done, I usually take from two to five days to create or choose a spread and a deck that matches your energy and do the reading. After the reading is done, you receive it through email in written form, so you can always come back to it if you wish to reflect upon the reading again later on. I also include a photo of the cards that you got.
If you have a specific deck you wish to have your reading done with, you can look through my Tarot and Oracle deck list and pick the one you wish. There also may be a longer waiting time in case of vacations or health issues – if any of those occur you will be notified before you send your payment.
Your personal information is completely private and confidential, neither will be any part of our conversation shared with a third party. Please be aware that my readings are not and will never be a substitute for medical advice given by a doctor or a psychologist.
If there is anything else you would like to know about how readings work, don’t be shy to send me a message and ask.
Your card slinger and author of the Nightshade Tarot,